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Services and tariffs.

Corporative clients

Settlement and cash service

JSC "Bakai-Bank" offers to its clients accounting and payments services in national and foreign currency using the ability of the network of the correspondence relations, there is also an effective system of electronic payments. Accounts' efficiency is ensured by the network of "Bank-Bakai" branches.

Accounting Operations:


  1. Opening and administration of all the kinds of the accounts in national and foreign currency for residents and non-residents of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  2. Realization of settlements on behalf of a Client on his account fulfilling the operation during one trading day
  3. Realization of all the types of international settlements in export-import operation. .
  4. Registering of the payments in soms using the system of inside-regional and inter-regional electronic accounts. .
  5. registering of international payments using the SWIFT system through the correspondence accounts in foreign banks. .
  6. Registering of the bankrolls on a Client's accounts on the day of its entering in the account.
  7. Usage of the bankrolls on the day if its entering in the settlement account. .
  8. Getting of the consultations about banking operation procedure and maintaining of cash discipline. .
  9. Providing on-line and exact information on bankroll flow in accounts. .
  10. Realization of payments using the electronic payments system "Client-Bank".

Cash operations:

  1. Receiving and re-count of cash in national and foreign currency at the pay desk of the bank and entering its to the Client's settlement account.
  2. Preliminary preparation of avaliable funds for enterprises and institutions for wage payments and other expenses.
  3. Paying from the account of foreign currency in cash for travell expenses according to the current KR legislation.
  4. Exchange of bank notes to bank notes. ;
  5. Payment from the account avaliable funds for remuneration of labour and othes expenses on Client's claim. Accounting services are rendered depending on the type of banking operation free of charge or with charge of according to the Bank's tariffes approved by the Bank if it is not indicated in the Banks Account Agreement differently.

Documents necessary for opening of accounts.

List of the documents necessary for accounts' opening for enterprises-residents. residents:

  • Application for the account opening signed by the head of the enteprise and the chief account with the seal of the juridical person affixed.
  • Copy of the Certificate of State Registration issued by the Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Justice (for the juridical persons registered iin Free Economic Zone - Certificate of registration issued by the Directors of Zone)
  • Copy of the notarially certified Charter (Regulations) registered by the bodies of justice.
  • Notarially certified Copy of the Constituent Agreement.
  • Copy of the Certificate of registration in State Tax Administration (TIN).
  • Copy of the Registration Card issued by the Statictical Committee and Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic. .
  • Order (Constituent Assembly Proceedings) about the Head's and Chief accountant's appointment for disposing of bankrolls or its copy certified by the seal of the institution.
  • Copies of the Head's and the Chief accountant's passports (the page photo and place of residence)
  • A card with authorised signatures and impression of the seal, notarially cedrttified - 2 pieces for account on soms and 2 pieces for foreign currency account

List of the documents necessary for the account opening for the enterprises - non-residents :

  • Application for the account opening signed by the head of the enteprise and the chief account with the seal of the juridical person affixed.
  • Extract from the Trade Register of the country of residence about the company's registration. .
  • Notatially certified Copy of the Charter (or any other document regulating the way of activities of the company)
  • Copy of the Head's passport.
  • Notarially certified Card with authorised signatures and the seal affixed.

Telephones for contacts : 62-80-05, 66-08-23.

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